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Instagram is the first social media channel added to LinkPizza! Are you a fanatical Instagrammer? Add your Instagram account today!

When you have added your Instagram account and filled in all the details, it will be placed in our marketplace. You will get your own (separate) media kit for Instagram. You can read in this article how you need to fill in you media kit. 

If you have a business account you can link this with LinkPizza. When you have done that, we can measure your reach and advertisers can see on your media kit that your account and data have been verified. You can also add demographics of you followers. 

Te be accepted for the marketplace we apply the following conditions:

  • At least 1500 followers

  • At least 50 posts

  • At least an average of 150 interactions (likes + comments) per post

  • Verified statistics

  • Recent and frequent content

  • Quality channel: engagement (interaction) in proportion to number of followers and no fake followers / commenters

  • Contains no sensitive, 18+, illegal or copied content

  • Relevant for paid campaigns and advertisers

  • Completely filled in media kit  

  • Your channel must be public, otherwise we can't review your Instagram profile

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