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What conditions must my website meet for the Marketplace?
What conditions must my website meet for the Marketplace?

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LinkPizza works with different types of websites, from blogs to social platforms. Each website goes through our quality control, so make sure your website meets the following conditions.

Your website:

  • Is live and is a content site, blog or forum

  • Has at least a 1000 unique visitors per month

  • Has at least 50 articles online

  • Has verified statistics by connecting with Google Analytics and/or LinkPizza

  • Has frequent placement of content

  • Is relevant for commercial campaigns and advertisers

  • Must load in under 10 seconds

  • Contains no sensitive, 18+, illegal or copied content

In addition to the above conditions, we also assess your website on the following:

  • Look & Feel of the website

  • Usability of the website

  • Media kit is fully completed according to the step-by-step plan

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