What conditions must my website meet for the Marketplace?

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Once you have added your website and entered all the information, it will be approved for our marketplace. Read this article to learn how to fill out your media kit step by step.

To be approved for the marketplace, we apply the following conditions:

  • At least 1,000 unique visitors per month

  • At least 40 (blog) articles online

  • Recent and frequent posting of your own content

  • Relevant for commercial collaborations

  • Does not contain sensitive, 18+, illegal or copied content

  • The website must be user-friendly

  • The website should load in 10 seconds

  • The website may not be a webshop (provided there is blog content) and may not contain discount codes/coupons

  • The majority of the target group must be Dutch and/or Belgian

  • Verified statistics through the link with LinkPizza or Google Analytics

  • Media kit has been completed in full according to the step-by-step plan

Do you meet all the conditions? Then add your website in LinkPizza!

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