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How do I create a campaign?
How do I create a campaign?

Do you want to use influencers to promote your brand? Follow these steps to create and launch your influencer campaign.

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To create a campaign, log in and go to 'campaigns' in the menu. Press the button 'create campaign’. On this page you can set up your campaign step by step. Read an explanation of the steps below.

Step 1: Choose a title
Choose a clear campaign title: it will be visible in the campaign overview for all logged in influencers and publishers. A clear title could be: brand name + the subject on which the campaign focuses.

Step 2: Determine your marketing goal
Decide on forehand the goal of your campaign. For each marketing goal you'll see a description of the focus of the campaign and which products and channels you can use best to achieve your goal.

The marketing goals you can choose from are:

Brand awareness
Do you want more brand awareness? Then choose brand awareness as your goal. This results in more reach for your brand within the target groups of the influencers. An additional benefit is that the positive brand associations of the influencers will also help your brand.

Choose engagement if you want more interaction with your target group. You'll focus on getting more interaction such as likes, comments and/or shares.

Do you want your brand to be easier to find in search engines like Google? Then choose findability as your marketing goal. By working with influencers with a good backlink profile, your brand will also be easier to find.

If you want to achieve more clicks or conversion, choose conversion as your marketing goal. This allows you to achieve goals such as more traffic to your website or more sales.


Do you want to receive quality content that you can use in your own online marketing such as TikTok advertisements and does the creator not have to post the content themselves? Then choose User Generated Content (UGC).

One goal does not exclude the other. However, it helps to prioritize to determine if the campaign was successful.

Step 3: Invite influencers or let them pitch
In LinkPizza we have two options to collaborate with influencers:

Invite influencers
Here you select influencers via the marketplace and immediately place a bid based on their media kit and average asking price. Note: to invite influencers yourself you need a paid subscription.

Let influencers pitch
Your briefing will be included in our campaign overview. Influencers who meet the campaign conditions can pitch with their proposal.

Do you accept a proposal or is your offer accepted? Then the collaboration is final and you enter into a payment obligation.

Step 4: Select channels
You can choose from different channels to collaborate with, these are the most important channels:

Choose website if you want to collaborate with blogs, online magazines and/or other websites. Websites are best used for the goals of reach, findability and conversion.

Let Instagrammers create posts, stories and other interactive content for your brand. Good to know: only channels with 10.000+ followers can place a link (swipe up) in their stories. Instagram is best used for the goals reach and engagement.

Choose YouTube to have videos or vlogs made about your brand. This varies from a fully sponsored video to a shot mention in a relevant vlog. You can also let the influencers refer to your brand via a link in the description of the video. YouTube can be used for all purposes.

Promote your brand among the followers of a Facebook page. Facebook is best used for the goals of reach and engagement.

Choose Twitter if you want to promote your brand via a short message (max. 280 characters). It is best to use this channel for the goals of reach and engagement.

Webpage / Linksome / /
These are all link in bio pages where creators can share more than one link which is often usual for social media such as TikTok and Instagram.

Step 5: Write the briefing
The briefing consists of two parts: company description and campaign expectation. If necessary, use the 'example' button above the text field to load an example text and use it as a basis.

Company description

Briefly provide information about the brand, product or service for which you are creating the campaign and let us know what your main target group is. This way the influencers know which company or brand they are dealing with and which product/service they are going to promote.

Campaign expectation

Indicate what you expect from the influencers: what must the collaboration meet, when is a collaboration successful for you and what should in any case be mentioned or highlighted? Can the influencers come up with a creative proposal themselves? Name this.

Then choose the deadline to pitch and the deadline for when the content should go live.

Step 6: Choose your target audience
Choose the target group you want to reach with your campaign. You can choose the age and gender. Don't have a preference? Then leave it blank. You can also indicate a minimum and maximum number of followers/unique visitors per month and in which country the influencer should be active.

Step 7: Set up conditions

Here you state which conditions the influencers and their content must meet. For categories, choose the topics that are relevant to the influencers you want to work with.

Select (if desired) the most common conditions that apply to your briefing. Then enter the link to your website or the promotion page and enter an anchor text. An anchor text is the piece of text on which the link is placed, which can be interesting to improve your findability on certain search terms in search engines such as Google. Turn off redirect tracking if you don't want the link to become an affiliate link.

With website/link building collaborations, it is possible to select a minimum desired Domain Authority, Trust Flow and Citation Flow. The higher these values are, the higher the quality of the link.

Finally, specify other conditions, such as desired tags, hashtags and other requirements for a collaboration.

Step 8: Select a compensation model
Finally, you choose how you want to reward the influencers. Choose from three options:

Fixed price
With a paid collaboration, the influencer receives the agreed price. When you receive proposals, the influencer will come up with a price proposal that you can negotiate. Check out the average rates per channel and influencer size for a single post below. Do you have a maximum budget per collaboration in mind? Then fill it in.

The influencers receives a product or service as compensation. Think carefully about how you will do this logistically: a shop credit via a code on your website is the easiest.

Fixed price + barter
You can also combine a fixed price and a barter deal. The influencers receive an amount in addition to a product or service.

Tarieven influencers

Step 9: Select a campaign image

Upload a campaign image related to your campaign. It is best to choose an atmospheric image or product photo where the logo is also visible. The image is visible in the overview and makes it more attractive for the influencers to respond.

Step 10: Exclude or invite influencers

Do you want to exclude influencers that you have worked with before or that you have rejected from a campaign before from the new campaign? Then you can set this here.

Do you invite influencers for your campaign yourself? Then you can select and invite channels via the marketplace. Use the filters to find relevant influencers. After you have selected one or more influencers, you can adjust the bid if desired. Does the influencer agree to your offer? Then an agreement is created.

Step 11: Check your campaign

Check whether you have filled in everything correctly and click on the preview button to see how the briefing turned out. Indicate whether the campaign should only be visible to logged in users or also to influencers outside LinkPizza (findable in Google). If desired, you can enter a payment reference.

Step 12: Confirm your campaign

Check your payment details and submit the campaign. Our campaign manager will then receive a signal and will contact you to go through the briefing and optimize it if necessary. After that, the campaign will go live.

Do you have any questions during or after creating a campaign? Feel free to contact us via the chat function on our website.

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