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Most frequently asked questions about the platform and the operation of the marketplace

How do I make affiliate links?
What conditions must my channel meet for approval for the market place?
Where can I find my Instagram Story statistics?
Can I use multiple websites?
Which categories can I choose from?
How do I disable LinkPizza for sponsored/advertorial content?
What does the LinkPizza demo look like?
What does Source or Target website "unknown" mean?
WordPress: How do I share a preview with advertisers?
I cannot add the correct Facebook page
What conditions does my channel need to meet for affiliate approval?
Why is a business account mandatory?
How do I start with affiliate marketing?
How do I start with LinkPizza?
What is engagement rate?
How does submitting the preview, final and statistics work?
How is my website's Domain Authority measured?
As an influencer, do I need a company to make money?
Why is my discount code website not approved?
Why are many Albert Heijn leads rejected?
How up to date are the statistics
How do I convert my Pinterest to a business account?
Why should I use the redirect script?
Why 0% commission?
Lead approval period
What are the benefits of the LinkPizza plugin or script?
How can I make money with Pinterest?
What does LinkPizza cost for influencers?
What is the small business scheme (KOR)?
Will existing affiliate links be adjusted?
Which links are modified when I use the LinkPizza plugin or script?
How do I link my Instagram and Facebook?
How do I determine my price?
How does a collaboration proceed from pitch to delivery?
How should I mention a sponsored collaboration?
Why is it recommended to link my channel?
Am I visible in Google?
Why was my channel disapproved?
Am I stuck with something?
What conditions must my TikTok meet for the marketplace?
How do I complete my Instagram media kit?
How do I complete my website media kit?
How do I complete my TikTok media kit?
How do I complete my podcast media kit?
What conditions does my podcast have to meet for the marketplace?