Are you planning to add your channel in LinkPizza or have you already done so? Then you can request an inspection after completing your media kit. We will then check your channel for a number of quality conditions. The conditions may differ per channel. Below an overview:

Conditions of approval

  • Minimum 250 reach (followers or unique visitors per month)

  • At least 1 active connection

  • At least 1 type of collaboration (product) offered

  • Minimum 40-50 posts live (YouTube: minimum 20 posts)

  • Media kit completely filled in

  • Account details complete (biography and profile picture)

In addition, we pay attention to:

  • Recent and frequent posting of quality content

  • Instagram and TikTok: engagement in relation to the number of followers

  • Does not contain sensitive, 18+, illegal or copied content

  • Relevant for commercial collaborations

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