How do I make affiliate links?

Earn money by placing affiliate links? LinkPizza offers several tools to create affiliate links.

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Do you regularly refer to online products or shops in your content? By using affiliate links in relevant posts, you automatically receive compensation for the products you sell. LinkPizza supports thousands of advertisers, so there is a suitable brand for every post!

Please note: to create working affiliate links, your account must be approved for affiliate collaborations. After approval, you will receive an email as soon as you have created an account and added a representative channel.

Automatic affiliate links on websites or blogs

Do you have a blog or website? Install our LinkPizza plugin or script for automatic affiliate links. Our plugin checks all links on your website and turns them into affiliate links if you link to a brand with an affiliate program.

Affiliate links for social media

Do you want to share affiliate links on social media, such as in the swipe-up of your Story or on Facebook? Use our tools to create affiliate links. You have two ways:

  • Link Shortener

Enter the website of the brand you want to promote in the Link Shortener and select the channel where you want to place the affiliate link. Click on 'check' and it will indicate whether it concerns a connected advertiser (can be monetized). Then click on shorten link to create a shortened affiliate link. You can then share this link on your socials and website. The orange dollar sign again shows that it is an affiliate link.

  • Chrome Extension

Download the Chrome Extension, log in and go to the website you want to create an affiliate link from. First check whether the link is connected to our network by clicking on the LinkPizza icon in your browser bar. A window opens with the links found on the page. If there is an orange dollar sign behind it, the link can be promoted on an affiliate basis. To create a shortened affiliate link, right-click on the same LinkPizza icon and choose 'create shortened link'. The affiliate link is then immediately copied to your clipboard.

Tip: check if your affiliate link works by clicking on it and see if it appears in your Clicks. Properties will show a dollar sign if it is an affiliate link.

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