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What if the advertiser does not pay the invoice?
What if the advertiser does not pay the invoice?

Read more about what happens when a client does not pay for the collaboration.

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A collaboration consists of a preview, final and statistics. After the preview content has been approved by the client, we will send the invoice for the collaboration. The customer has 14 days (in some cases 30 days) from that date to pay the invoice.

It may sometimes happen that a customer does not pay the invoice on time. Our finance team checks all invoices weekly and contacts the customer directly if an invoice is overdue. We will follow up on this and do our utmost to receive payment as quickly as possible, so that we can proceed with payment as quickly as possible. We strive to pay our influencers as quickly as possible and are therefore on top of it when there is an overdue invoice.

In the event that we do not receive contact with or payment from the customer for a longer period of time, a decision will be made whether a collection process can be started.

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