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How do I place a bid?

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In a campaign where you invite influencers yourself, you make the opening bid yourself and in a campaign where you receive pitches, you receive a bid from the influencer in question.

  • Read more about the difference between these two campaigns here

Once you have received an offer, you can accept it, reject it or make a counter-offer. The influencer gets the same options when they receive an offer. We have developed a special bidding system for this.

You can also negotiate the terms while bidding. For example, you can indicate that you require additional promotion of the assignment via an influencer's social media channels for a higher amount.

You can refrain from cooperation until the offer has been accepted by either party. Once the creation of the assignment begins, you enter into a payment obligation.

Keep an eye on! When you as an advertiser make a bid, a commission (for the use of LinkPizza) is deducted. The influencer therefore receives a lower amount. When the influencer makes a bid, you will see the asking price + LinkPizza fee.

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