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Through which channels can my brand be promoted?
Through which channels can my brand be promoted?

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At LinkPizza you can currently choose from three different channels for your campaign, or a combination of them.

1. Website

At LinkPizza, the following items fall under the website category: blogs, online magazines and websites. The channels have a reach of at least 1,000 unique visitors per month to very large publishers with a reach of more than 2 million.

These can be personal blog websites, but also sites of large media companies such as PijperMedia, De Persgroep and Mannenmedia. If you choose the website option, the editors of the associated site will write and post unique content for your brand, tailored to the campaign briefing and conditions you have drawn up.

(Main goal: Reach, Findability, Conversion)

2. Instagram

Instagram is currently the largest influencer channel but is growing monthly! Our offering expands with 50 new Instagram influencers every week. You can find these in our marketplace. Let Instagrammers create posts, stories and other interactive content for your brand. This content is attentively consumed by consumers because an influencer on Instagram has a regular fan base (followers).

(Main goal: Reach, engagement)

3. YouTube

Invite YouTube influencers to create videos or vlogs about your brand. This varies from a complete tutorial to an appointment in a relevant vlog. Products, brands and services can be reviewed, hyped and introduced. Also have the influencer refer to your brand via a link below the video. This will benefit your Findability, SEO and backlink profile.

(Main goal: Reach, Findability, Conversion, Engagement)

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