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Is it possible to run longer running campaigns?
Is it possible to run longer running campaigns?

You can run continuous campaigns in different ways.

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You can run longer running campaigns in two ways:

  1. You can open the campaign for a long period of time and approve a number of pitches per period (for example per month). In the meantime, interested influencers can continue to sign up. Please note: after an x ​​number of pitches the campaign is full (depending on the campaign). It is therefore good to immediately reject pitches that are not interesting, so that there is room left.

  2. You can pause the campaign if you have received enough interesting proposals at that point. If there is a need for more pitches again, the campaign can be opened again.

Have you not received enough (relevant) pitches or would you like more? Feel free to contact us via chat and we can push the campaign further via our email alerts.

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