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What can my brand achieve with influencer marketing?
What can my brand achieve with influencer marketing?

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There are four types of campaign objectives that you as a brand can achieve through influencers, such as: Reach, Findability, Engagement and Conversion. Each campaign objective has its own measurable properties (KPIs).

1. Reach (brand awareness)

Ensure greater reach and brand awareness of your brand or service within your chosen target group. Because your influencers tell stories through posts or stories and thus promote your brand, the awareness and reach of your brand increases among the followers of the influencers. Advertisers get the positive and unique association from the influencers.

2. Findability

The content of the influencers ensures that your product or service is easier to find via search engines. The influencers achieve this for you by writing unique (SEO-friendly) articles, or creating vlogs, and placing relevant links in the content. These links are good for the backlink profile of your website.

3. Commitment

Influencers ensure interaction with your target group. By writing product reviews, posting social media posts and setting up competitions. Engagement can consist of likes, shares and comments.

4. Conversion

If you choose conversion, the content created by influencers focuses on getting new customers, registrations or sales. The influencers strive to ensure that the content meets the needs they have experienced or are experiencing.

*One goal does not exclude the other. However, it is good to set your priorities so that you know and can measure when the campaign is successful for you.

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