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An advertiser can collaborate with a publisher through various options. Not every publisher has all the options available. That is why the publisher indicates this himself after creating a website. LinkPizza offers the following products as options:

  • Editorial/Sponsored content. Authentic content written by the publisher

  • Advertorial. Content written by the advertiser and taken over and published 1 on 1 by the publisher.

  • Review. Content written by the publisher from his own experience with the service or product on behalf of and usually made available by the advertiser

  • Video. Video content placed on the publisher's website or YouTube channel.

  • Newsletter. An article in or fully filled newsletter, sent to all addresses registered with the publisher

  • Contest. An article written by the publisher where the message to visitors to the website is to take an action and therefore have a chance to win a reward, made available by the advertiser.

  • Press release. Placing a new and news-related message on the publisher's website about the advertiser

  • Mention. Naming the advertiser, a product or brand at a location agreed with the advertiser.

  • Link. A link to the advertiser at a location agreed with the advertiser.

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