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How do I access the marketplace?
How do I access the marketplace?

Learn more about how to view and invite affiliated influencers and publishers to your campaign through the marketplace.

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Curious which influencers are affiliated with LinkPizza or do you want to be able to approach influencers and publishers yourself for your campaign? Then you can visit our marketplace with more than 7,300 media kits with statistics and rates from influencers and publishers. Use the filters or search for keywords to find the right influencers.

To access the marketplace you need a subscription or you can start a 7-day free trial. View the different subscription types that allow access to the marketplace or start a trial immediately. After 7 days, the trial will automatically convert to a Pro subscription, unless canceled before renewal. Please note: placing free campaigns is not included in the trial.

Would you rather not purchase a quarterly or annual subscription?

Then you can also place a one-off campaign based on €250 set-up costs. Interested influencers and publishers who meet your conditions can make a proposal. Based on their motivation, price and proposed placements, you can choose who you will work with and possibly negotiate.

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