What is engagement rate?

Read more about what engagement ratio means and why we consider this an important metric for collaborations.

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The engagement rate is a measure used in social media marketing to determine how engaged the audience is with a particular post or campaign. The engagement rate is actually a kind of score for how well your posts are doing on social media.

It shows how many of your followers actually do something with what you post. For example, how many people like, share, or leave a comment on your post? This is all added up, divided by the total number of followers you have and then multiplied by 100.

Engagement rate = Average number of interactions on a post / Total number of followers * 100%

The engagement rate is actually a measure of how attractive and relevant your posts are to your followers. It's not just about how many people see your content, but especially about how many people take the time to respond, like or share. So it gives you an idea of ​​how well your message, campaign or strategy is working to reach and engage your audience.

Why is the engagement rate so important?

More interaction often means that people trust you more as a person and remain loyal. In addition, it can provide more visibility on social media, as algorithms often reward content that generates high engagement. In short, it is a crucial factor for success in marketing and communications and is therefore extremely important for companies.

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