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How does submitting the preview, final and statistics work?
How does submitting the preview, final and statistics work?

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A collaboration in LinkPizza consists of three phases: a preview, a final and the statistics.

  1. The preview

    In the preview you provide a photo, video or text that you ultimately want to post. This content is not yet live, but is a concept of what you want to post. The client reviews the preview and can approve it or provide feedback. If the preview is not approved, you start working on a new preview and resubmit it.

    You can submit files up to 100 MB in the preview. Is the file too large? Then create a WeTransfer link and submit it as a preview. Is it a blog post? Then read here how you can create a preview for this. Only after approval of the preview can you post the content and arrive at the final.

  2. The final

    With the final, you provide a link or screenshot showing that the content has been posted. In the case of an Instagram story, you provide a screenshot showing that the story has been posted. To do this, go to your archive in Instagram and take the screenshot there.

    In this screenshot you do not have to show any statistics yet, but only show that the story has been posted. In the case of a TikTok or Instagram post, for example, you provide the link to your posted post. Once you have submitted all finals, you move on to the next phase, namely submitting the statistics.

  3. The statistics

    In the final phase you provide the statistics of your posted content. To do this, go to the posted content on your profile or in your archive and navigate to the statistics. You take a screenshot of the statistics and add them to LinkPizza. For linked websites, the statistics are retrieved automatically, so the statistics do not have to be added manually.

The previews, finals and statistics can be submitted via the different tabs in the assignment. The exclamation mark indicates for which delivery an action is still required. Please note that all previews, finals and statistics are submitted with the correct deliveries.

Once the previews and finals have been approved and the statistics have been submitted, the collaboration is fully completed. Once we have received payment from the client and from €25 on your balance, you will be paid at the beginning of the following month.

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