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As an influencer, do I need a company to make money?
As an influencer, do I need a company to make money?

Read more about whether you need a Chamber of Commerce registration or VAT number to enter into collaborations via LinkPizza.

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The Netherlands

In 2023, the tax-free income in the Netherlands is set at €8,520 per year. If you do not earn more than that amount per year, you do not have to pay wage and income tax on it. In that case, you do not always need a Chamber of Commerce and/or VAT number. We advise you to read this carefully before you get started by consulting the websites of the Tax Authorities and the Chamber of Commerce.


For influencers based in Belgium, you are liable for VAT if you 'regularly' provide promotional services on an independent basis. 'Regularly' means that it is not a one-off, but that you post promotional messages on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for which you are compensated. In principle, you must also register as a VAT payer.

Before you start working as a Belgian influencer, we recommend that you consult the website of the Federal Public Service Finance. For specific regulations for influencers, you can read more here.

If you do not have a Chamber of Commerce or VAT number, you can indicate in your account that you want to be paid as a private individual. We will then not add VAT to the self-billing invoice that you receive from us upon payment.

Please note: you are responsible for correctly setting your payment details.

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