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How can I make money with Pinterest?
How can I make money with Pinterest?

Would you like to earn money as a publisher with your Pinterest channel? With LinkPizza you receive compensation for the products you sell!

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Are you active on Pinterest and do you regularly add your own Pins? Then you would like to receive compensation for the products sold by your inspiration. With the help of our affiliate tools you will receive commission on the products you sell.

How does it work?

Once your LinkPizza account has been approved, you can use our tools:

  1. Check via the link checker whether a link is affiliated with our affiliate network. For example, do you want to promote a product from Enter the link and we will let you know if we can convert it into an affiliate link.

  2. Is the link from an affiliated advertiser? Enter the link again in the link shortener to make it an affiliate link and copy the full link (long link). Then place this link in the URL of your pin.

  3. Install the Chrome Extension to immediately see in Google which websites are connected to our network. You can recognize these websites by the orange dollar sign.

Have you posted the pin with an affiliate link? Then we just have to wait and see! The more often your pin is shared, the greater the chance that it will ultimately generate income.


Also check out the tutorial on how to create affiliate links:

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