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What does LinkPizza cost for influencers?
What does LinkPizza cost for influencers?

Using LinkPizza is completely free, a percentage of affiliate fees goes to LinkPizza.

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Registering as an influencer at LinkPizza is completely free. LinkPizza also does not withhold anything from the asking prices you charge within the platform. The amount you agree with a client is actually the amount you will receive from us. Advertisers pay a fee at LinkPizza for using the platform.

Also good to know: with LinkPizza you are not tied to a contract and in addition to the platform you can also work with other parties to enter into collaborations.

Affiliate income

Do you use the LinkPizza plugin or script, or do you manually create affiliate links via the link shortener? Of the resulting fees, 70% goes to the influencer and 30% to LinkPizza.

In contrast, the benefits we offer with our service include direct access to the largest affiliate networks and automatically converting links into affiliate links when the plugin or script is installed.

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