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What is the small business scheme (KOR)?
What is the small business scheme (KOR)?

You can indicate in your account settings whether you want to use the small business scheme (KOR).

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The KOR for entrepreneurs has been changed from 1 January 2020. With a turnover of less than €20,000 per year, small entrepreneurs based in the Netherlands can opt for an exemption from turnover tax (VAT). For more information about the small business scheme, visit the Tax Authorities' website.

Do you make use of this arrangement? Indicate this in your account settings by checking 'Small business scheme' under your payment details. This means that no VAT is charged on payment invoices.

Please note: if you wish to reactivate VAT, you can deactivate the setting in your account. As a creator, you are responsible for the correct (de)activation of this setting. Payment invoices cannot be changed/revised afterwards.

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