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How do I link my Instagram and Facebook?
How do I link my Instagram and Facebook?

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In LinkPizza you can add your Instagram as a channel. When adding and/or linking Instagram, it is necessary to have a professional account. It is mandatory to provide statistics after completion of a collaboration. You only have access to the necessary statistics if your Instagram is a professional account and is linked to a Facebook business page (note: this is different from your personal Facebook profile). Converting your Instagram can be done within a few minutes and is completely free.

Follow the steps below to convert your Instagram to a professional account and link it to Facebook.

Step 1: Convert your Instagram channel into a professional account/business profile.

  1. Go to your Instagram profile and tap the icon with 3 horizontal lines at the top right.

  2. Select 'Settings'.

  3. Select 'Account'.

  4. Select 'Switch to professional account'. We recommend linking your business account to a Facebook Page associated with your business.

  5. Complete the following steps: choose the category of your account, indicate whether you are a creator or a company, configure with the Account Center and set up your professional account.

Step 2: Link your Instagram to a Facebook Page

  1. Go to your Instagram profile.

  2. Select 'Edit Profile'.

  3. Select 'Page' under Profile details.

  4. Share your account information via Account Center.

  5. Choose an existing page you want to link to or choose 'Create Facebook page'.

  6. Click 'Done'.

Doesn't this work? Then you can also link from Facebook to your Instagram.

Optional: link your Facebook with Instagram

  1. Open Facebook and tap the icon with 3 horizontal lines at the bottom right.

  2. Select 'Pages'

  3. Select an existing page or create a new page.

  4. Go to your page and click on the gear at the top right to go to the settings of this page.

  5. Select 'Linked accounts'.

  6. Click on 'Instagram' and then on 'Link account'.

  7. Log in with your details.

Once you have followed the steps above and converted your Instagram to a professional account, you can manually add or link your Instagram in LinkPizza.

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