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Read more about which obligations you are or are not bound to when registering with LinkPizza.

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If you register as an influencer with LinkPizza, there is no exclusivity. This means that it is still possible to enter into other collaborations in addition to collaborations via LinkPizza. Registering with other agencies or platforms is therefore no problem.

Have you seen a campaign from a brand in LinkPizza or has there been contact between you and a brand in LinkPizza? Then contact with this company and cooperation must always take place within LinkPizza. You agree to this when you create your account and accept our Terms and Conditions.

You can unsubscribe from us at any time, registration on LinkPizza is completely without obligation. Do you not see a match or are you no longer active on social media? You can easily delete your account in your account.

Please note: you cannot unsubscribe if you have an ongoing collaboration, as we expect ongoing collaborations to always be completed properly or that our team will be contacted in the event of problems. When all collaborations have been completed, you can unsubscribe.

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