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How should I mention a sponsored collaboration?
How should I mention a sponsored collaboration?

Depending on the channel, there are different ways of mentioning sponsors.

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As a content creator you are responsible for correctly mentioning a collaboration. This applies not only to collaborations for which you are paid, but also to assignments for which you receive a product.

The Advertising Code Foundation has created its own advertising code for Social Media & Influencer Marketing. Here they explain per channel which ways you can use to clearly mention a collaboration.

Advertising mention in blogs or articles

  • Via text in a post, such as 'Advertorial', 'This article is in collaboration with [advertiser].' or "I received these products from [advertiser]."

Advertising mention in posts on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter

  • Via hashtags in or under a message, such as #ad, #adv, #spon, #collab or #partner

  • Via text in the message, such as 'collaboration with @adverteerder' or 'received from @adverteerder'

Advertising mention in videos on YouTube

  • Via a voice message in the video, such as 'this video contains a paid partnership with [advertiser]' or 'I received these products from [advertiser]'.

  • Via text in the description, such as 'This video is in collaboration with [advertiser].'

For more information and examples, view the guidelines of the Social Media & Influencer Marketing Advertising Code.

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