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Why work with LinkPizza?
Why work with LinkPizza?

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Working with us benefits you in many different ways. 

As a publishers you can:

  • Decide what you want to write about

  • Automatic affiliate links where you want them

  • Negotiate pricing

  • Earn fixed and/or variable compensation

  • One dashboard

  • Promotional MediaKit

  • Chat and deliver a preview

As an advertiser you can:

  • Compare publishers with their MediaKit

  • Save time with all campaign in one dashboard

  • Pay per bid and stick to your budget

  • No administration costs, we take care of invoicing

  • Pay for results through fixed and/or variable compensation

  • Receive insights in results per article

  • Keep initial costs low

We have experience with affiliate marketing since 1999 and know how to create solutions for publishers and advertisers. Read more on about LinkPizza.

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