What is a UTM code?

Use UTM codes to see where your website visitors come from, for example via a specific influencer.

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A UTM code is a piece of text that you add to a normal url. With this code you can measure how people visit your website.

An example of a link with UTM code is:

A UTM code usually consists of the following elements:

  • Campaign source (from which source is the reference? For example: Facebook or a newsletter)

  • Campaign medium (what form of marketing is it? For example: email, banner or influencer marketing)

  • Campaign name (what is the name of the campaign? For example: blackfriday2021)

There are several online tools to easily create a UTM code, such as UTM Builder.

UTM codes and influencer marketing

By using a unique UTM code per influencer, you know exactly which traffic comes through which influencer. This is a way to measure the results of your collaboration.

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