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Read which rules apply when chatting in LinkPizza.

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For transparency and to provide optimal support for collaborations and payments, there are a number of guidelines for using the chat. Thank you for your cooperation!


  • Keep it friendly: do not share sensitive, 18+ or illegal messages

  • Keep the contact in the platform, do not share personal contact details such as an email address or telephone number and do not send messages via social media

  • Please note that the prices you share in the chat do not include commission (commission depends on the chosen plan of the advertiser)

  • Use the Collab button when you want to start a collaboration. When a collaboration is established through contact in LinkPizza, the collaboration must be started and completed within the platform.

  • Need help? Contact us via our chat (button at the bottom right of your screen).

Note: these guidelines are also included in our Terms and Conditions that you agreed to when creating an account.

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