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How do I change the password or email address of my LinkPizza account?
How do I change the password or email address of my LinkPizza account?

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You may have forgotten the password or email address associated with your LinkPizza account.

Do you want to change the email address of your account? We can do this for you on request to prevent this from going wrong and you can no longer access your account. Please contact us via the chat function.

It is possible to change your password here. After entering your email address on the relevant page, you will automatically receive an email with instructions for changing your password.

If the account is transferred, this person can reset the password after changing the email address and create a new password himself. We recommend that you then check whether all account details are still correct. You can find this in your account settings.

Please note: as an advertiser, you have entered a separate email address as a financial contact. This is where we send the invoices, so also check whether these need to be adjusted.

Tip: choose a password that contains at least 8 characters and does not contain your name, username, telephone number, date of birth or other personal information. It is best to use a mix of numbers, symbols and/or upper and lower case letters for your new password.

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