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How do I start with affiliate marketing?
How do I start with affiliate marketing?

Read more about how to start with affiliate marketing and ultimately make money with it.

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Through LinkPizza it is possible to work with more than 5,300+ brands on an affiliate basis. When someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link, you receive a commission. How do you start with this?

1. Register as an influencer

Registering as an influencer is completely free. When registering, you enter a number of details, such as your first and last name, email address and you create a password.

2. Add channels

To start affiliate marketing, you must meet a number of conditions, including the condition that you must be able to demonstrate that you have or use channels that are relevant to affiliated advertisers. You can add the channels on which you want to get started with affiliate marketing in LinkPizza for assessment. We assess the channels and if approved we assign an affiliate role.

3. Get started

After approval, you can immediately start creating affiliate links. You create the affiliate links via our link shortener and can then share them on the channels known to us. Do you have a website? Then you can install the LinkPizza plugin for automatic affiliate links.

When someone clicks on your link or purchases something via your link, you can see this in your affiliate statistics in LinkPizza. When someone purchases something through your link, you earn a percentage of commission. The more purchases made through your link, the more you can earn!

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