How do I start with LinkPizza?

Read more about how you can get started with LinkPizza as an influencer or creator and enter into paid collaborations.

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Do you have one or more social media channels with more than 1,000 followers and do you enjoy promoting products for companies? Then LinkPizza is a good place for you. LinkPizza is a platform for influencers to find (extra) paid collaborations with cool brands. But how can you start with LinkPizza as an influencer?

  1. Register as an influencer

    If you want to get started with LinkPizza, you need an account. You can easily register as an influencer on our website. When registering, you enter a number of details, such as your first and last name, email address and you create a password.

  2. Add your social media channels

    Does at least one of your social media channels meet our conditions? Then you can add this to your media kit. Choose the type of channel you want to add and fill in all the requested information. Once you have entered all the information and you meet the conditions, you can request approval in the final step. Your channel will then be assessed by our influencer manager.

  3. Sign up for campaigns

    Approval of your channel means you are eligible for campaigns. From the moment of approval, you will be kept informed by email about new campaigns for which you can register. Do you see a nice campaign coming along? Don't forget to respond to the campaign, because by responding actively you have the best chance of collaborations. Curious about which campaigns you can pitch to at the moment? Then view the campaign overview.

  4. Enter your payment details

    If your channel is approved and you ultimately enter into a collaboration, you will be paid via LinkPizza. In order to pay you out, it is important that you have entered your payment details. We cannot pay you without the correct payment details.

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