Why 0% commission?

I see commission-free leads in my dashboard. We explain the possible reasons here.

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You may see a lead in the dashboard/overview of LinkPizza. This can have several reasons. It often depends on the conditions or tracking of the program in question.


Some advertisers have a (temporary) error in their pixel. This may mean that non-existent or incorrect leads are registered. For example, when a visitor refreshes the “Thank you for your order page”. The pixel then measures a new lead, which is not a new lead.

Article without commission

You do not receive a commission on some article groups. For example, an item on sale at the Bijenkorf.

Cookie time

Some programs show all leads. Also when a lead has placed an order that falls outside the cookie time. In this case, an order has been placed, but because it falls outside the cookie period, there is no commission. This was the case at Albert Heijn, among others.

It is never the fault of the LinkPizza plugin that you use to monetize your website.

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